Slab Down - The First Major Milestone

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Who would have thought one could be so proud of a concrete pad on the ground!? Well when the slab's down and ready to go its time to allow yourself a mini celebration (or a stiff drink!) as you now find yourself fully committed to the road you are traveling down on your journey of the construction process.

And just as quickly as the slab was down and had cured properly we were rearing to get straight back into it and on to the next stage: first order of blocks to site. This of course was a slightly different process to a traditional timber frame build because we are using Porotherm R25 TH+, (a block designed for insulated wall installation with a 250mm wall thickness) and Porotherm R25 Portal blocks as the main construction material.

This meant finding room for some x60 800kg pallets - ideally on the slab but with care taken to avoid landing them where the walls were to go. This was achieved with an afternoon in the sun chalking out all interior/exterior walls prior to the delivery of the #porotherm from Stellaria NZ in Cambridge.

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