Perfectly Imperfect: Concrete

Concrete has a certain beauty and organic nature when utilised in the interior of a home. It feels modern and contemporary and is often seen in many architecturally designed homes where both minimalist and industrial interior design is the focus. Functionally, it is very durable and often used as a sustainable material in construction that wont rust, rot or burn. Furthermore it has the potential to span many generations of other commonly used building materials. Its ability to maintain a greater thermal mass index when incorporated in the overall building envelope makes it an efficient from of heating and cooling for the home owner as well.

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Raw Beauty

The use of industrial concrete in contemporary design has gained in popularity over recent years; we see the use of concrete more and more as a preferred finished flooring surface alongside the increase in demand for concrete to replace more commonly used materials in utility areas such as kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

‘Our Clay Block Home’ recently had pre-cast concrete roof panels installed atop the thermal Porotherm block work that we are using to form all of the walls in the house, allowing us to produce a robust thermal envelope to keep us warmer in winter and cooler during summer.

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While the functionality of the build is important to us, it is also equally important to have an aesthetically pleasing environment to live in too. Fortunately, we both love the look of exposed concrete ceilings as leaving them exposed allows us to showcase the natural form of the concrete butting up against the soon to be white interior plastered walls.

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To do this well, we need to get the most important ingredient right: balance. Without balance all this concrete will feel too harsh, too cold. The use of soft furnishings in organic natural textures, subtle timber elements, greenery and lifting the space with lots of light and white will be pivotal to pulling off this look and creating the perfect amount of warmth and coziness into our contemporary, modern home.

Vintage Rug, concrete ceiling, timber flooring, adobe plastered walls track lighting

Sometimes stripping back the layers of what constitutes as a 'finished' home and unearthing the bones of a building can result in the perfectly imperfect and deliver a look that is often quite unexpected.

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