Laying the Base Course

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Now that that Porotherm R25 Th+ and Porotherm R25 Portal blocks had arrived. We couldn't wait to rip into one of the pallets and start blocking up the walls. The base course of blocks is especially important to get right - from this moment on you set the course for subsequent block upon block layers. To do this we first applied a structural bedding mortar supplied with the Porotherm from Stellaria

Once the base layer was down we knew precise locations of our columns, which meant getting on with the rather noisy task of drilling starter holes in the concrete slab...and if you remember from the previous blog Laying Foundations all the steel that formed part of the concrete slab was in there too- which wasn't pleasant to drill through!

64 holes in total needed to be drilled that would later be receiving the HD20 re-bar starters. These are the structural elements of the house that tie the walls & roof back to the foundation slab. Naturally, these also require inspection and sign off (both local council and engineers) as we progress through the build to insure the house is constructed to the exacting specifications of the engineered design.

After the base layer it became just a matter of layer after layer, block upon block, day after day until we were at lintel (as well as roof) height and ready for steel placement.

...3000 Porotherm blocks to be laid, 3000 blocks in the get the drift!

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