5 easy decor tips to create your perfect Christmas table setting.

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

I love a good table setting especially at a time like Christmas - It sets the tone for the promise of things to come, and creates the right mood for you and your guests to sit back and enjoy the Christmas festivities!

Read on below for my 5 easy decor tips to create your perfect Christmas table...

# 1: Select your colour theme - and keep to the timeless interior decor rule of a 60, 30, 10 split to create a balanced appealing space. In this case, the colour inspiration came from this classic twee tartan fabric I found at our local fabric store.

# 2: Make your own DIY Napkins - If you cant find the exact look you're after in a napkin then this next tip was not only easy but also a bit of a cost effective solution too! Head to your local fabric store and grab a fabric that will allow you to create your own look & style for any custom table setting.

# 3: Choose your metal - There is no shortage of the different shades of metallic cutlery around to add a bit of glam to your festive Christmas table. Cutlery in any form, from gold, bronze, black or the latest in metallic trends - gun metal, will raise the bar & make your table setting feel much more glitzy glamorous & fun!

#4: A white canvas - White crockery always looks so clean & polished. A fresh white canvas to serve your delicious gourmet creations on!

#5: The finishing touch - Placing some greenery foliage and a candle or two will finish the setting off and create a stunning visual atmosphere. Use what you can source from nature around you, but green reds and whites never fail when it comes to mastering the Christmas Spirit.

If you take your time, check everything twice, add things in, take others away, your hard work wont go unnoticed and it will leave you & your guest's looking forward to next years festive get together!

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