5 Simple Styling Mistakes, that are Easy to Avoid.

Most of us want our homes to look and function in a certain way, we want them to be a sanctuary, while aligning them with a certain look that best describes the way we see ourselves and the way we want others to see ourselves in our home. For some, this come easily - for others, not so much, so to give you a little helping hand, here are 5 easily fixed styling mistakes that can improve the visual calmness of your homes interior.


1. Installing curtains at the wrong height

Images: Emily Henderson, Pinterest, Lonny

This is one of the most common mistakes I see when I step inside someones home: curtains that are hung too low. The main issue with this is that it tends to make the room appear smaller. By lifting the rod to sit at least 1/2 - 2/3 between the window architrave and ceiling the eye is drawn upwards and the ceilings appear higher making the room appear more spacious.


2. Installing curtains that are too short

Images: 'The Float', 'The Kiss' & 'The Puddle'

Another common mistake and it unfortunately happens all too often: curtains hung too short. Again this visually makes the room appear shorter and more closed in. It is also a really inefficient way to counteract any draughts coming from the windows in the room. Even in a bedroom, I will always advise floor-to-ceiling curtains and for windows above beds etc, some sort of window blind that will compliment the look of the room. Three common length's as shown above are: 'The Float', 'The Kiss' & 'The Puddle'.


3. Pushing furniture up against the walls

Images: Studio Mcgee, MyDomaine, Emily Henderson

Although this might sound counter-intuitive, pulling furniture off the walls, allows the room to breathe. It makes the space feel larger and creates a more balanced and harmonious area. Even pulling your sofa just 300mm off a wall in a small room, is enough to create a feeling of space and visual calm.


4. Using the wrong cushion insert.

Images: Stylists own &Pinterest

Throw cushions are a lovely and easy update to any room - however a common mistake I see time and again is a gorgeous throw cushion being let down with a polyester inner. Cushions with polyester inners don't sit as well, nor do they mold into your back and provide the ultimate comfort like feather inners do. So, in every instance I will always recommend a feather-down insert; sure , they do cost a bit more, but I promise you, you will love your cushion longer.


5. Laying down the wrong size area rug.

Images, Pinterest, Minimalist Scandinavian Living

I commonly see area rugs in either a living room or under a dining table that are too small. In the living room a rug that only fits under the coffee table will make the space feel broken where as a rug that spans the space of the sofa, occasional chairs and coffee table will instantly feel more grounded, connected and more grand. In the dining room a rug that fits under the table when the chairs are pushed in but isn't large enough to allow for the chairs when they are pulled out, will feel uncomfortable and crowded.

If this is something you have fallen prey to, don't fret, it's easily done given the expense of a well sized rug, however I see a rug as an investment, buy once; cry once! They are a timeless piece of furniture, made to last, so work toward the rug of your dreams and start saving!

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