4 Easy Steps to Styling Your Home Office

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Working from home can be so rewarding, but it can also comes with its own set of challenges, especially in a time like the one we find ourselves in now. If you are 'safe' at home in lock-down, but still need to work while managing the expectations of parenting and running a household, here are some ways to make it all work...

1. Keep a dedicated work space

While it might be tempting to set up your laptop on the sofa, productivity will more than likely suffer. Instead have a dedicated work area, that's both organised and looks good, this way you will hopefully be encouraged to get lots of work done in your stylish home office.

2. Set the tone

Before settling down to get some work done, spend a few moments clearing the space and setting it up for the day. De-clutter, and organise your desk to allow you to think more clearly and in turn be more productive. The best thing about this is you can style your space with a range of stylish storage items, that you possibly already have lying around the home.

3. Plan your work flow

With everyone at home at the moment you will no doubt be more than likely interrupted with a million questions and demands a day! This is for now the 'new norm', so keep things under control with a stash of beautiful writing stationary and at the ready!

4. Add interest

We all need moments of reflection and contemplation, time where we can sit back, ponder and rest our eyes. Have your favorite art print or a plant at the ready. Studies have shown the colour red is great for alertness and attentiveness, while blue can be very calming, and plants have theie own special ability to help us feel less stressed, in what can seem like an overwhelming environment at times.

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