Queenstown - 'The Gatehouse' (3D Render)

The aptly named ‘Gatehouse’ - nestled in the foothills of Shotover Country in Queenstown, has been described as an introduction to the main homestead ‘Stalker House’, mimicking the superior quality, simple form and beauty within the realms of a what could be suggested by some as a ‘tiny home’. It is in fact, a standalone, one-bedroom allotment located within the grounds to be used as both managers quarters and care takers' accommodation.

The main takeaway from this project is the quality of materials that make up the bulk of the build and the interiors that reflect the natural sustainability of the surrounding environment.

The walls - constructed from CLIMAmur and Porotherm Clay blocks - vary in thickness that range between 100mm (internal non load bearing walls) up to 350mm external structural walls. The efficiency created by the block creates a regulation of heat transfer to provide an even, temperate climate all year round.

Our main objective with any design is to focus on ways to create an equilibrium between restful design, functionality, and clever use of space. 3D renders including exterior and interior modelling reflect this process.

Natural textures such as linens, cottons and wools provide the feeling of welcoming and warmth, their quality & sustainability reflect the construction of the design and the environment in which it sits.

Millwork focuses on form as well as functionality. Working to create multi-tasked applications within the interior joinery. The bathroom vanity with vessel basin also houses the laundry under-bench washer/dryer, allowing for more useable floorspace. As a one-bedroom home, the kitchen island justifiably functions as adequate space for both the main dining area as well as the washup station. Large, floor to ceiling storage banks in both hallway and the bedroom make the most of linen, clothing and day to day living requirement holdings.

You can see more of this project and the journey of the build at https://www.stellaria.co.nz/portfolio/queenstown-climamur-porotherm-project/

Project: MacPherson Architecture

CLIMAmur & Porotherm Block: Stellaria Construction

3D Rendering: Cassandra Swan Interiors

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