3 Easy Ways to Achieve a Cosy Winter Vibe at Home.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The leaves are turning and the change in season is in full swing - autumn is upon us! While it might be cold outside that doesn't mean you can’t create warm, stylish interior spaces with these 3 easy to achieve updates in your home.


1. Throw's

Have the perfect throw at the ready for snuggling on the sofa with a range of different styles to suit your taste. Not only do they look fantastic draped effortlessly during the day, they also up the comfort factor making those cooler nights much more tolerable as well.

Images A&C Homestore, WeaveHome, Cassandra Swan Interiors

Different throws will achieve different looks - Linen, has the ability to both warm and cool, so works well in all seasons, has a natural organic vibe and more conveniently tends to come in a wide variety of colours to suit any decor like the beautiful Kent Linen Throw seen above.

For a purely cosy stylish addition The Salano Throw Rug is 100% a favorite of mine at the moment, it comes in Amber as seen above, and a gorgeous Onyx as well. In 100% cotton, it makes a snuggly addition to your interior without a massive cost outlay.

Fur throw's or hides be them real or faux, feel super luxurious and warm, they also work well with anything leather given the two have a symbiotic relationship. Fur is definitely my 'go to' when it comes to leather or any hard edged furniture to add warmth and softness to the room's overall appeal.


Throw Cushions - Are an easy and affordable way to revitalize your home decor - If you have good feather/down cushion inserts like I mentioned in my last post '5 Simple Styling Mistakes that are easy to Avoid' then all you need to do is order some new covers and you're away!

Images from WeaveHome

There are a many options when it comes to choosing cushions for your winter colour palette and the collection from Weave Home has them all.

Muted tones, like creams and greys with textures such as cable-knit and loose-stitched weaves, evoke feelings of minimal contemporary living. Richer, deeper velvets in tones of Mallard, Teal, and Eucalyptus provide an elegant yet sophisticated style, while the warm earthy tones of brass, copper, black and beige have a bold yet understated relaxed feel.


Lighting - Shorter days mean we tend to need artificial lighting early on in the evening.

While over-head lighting is important for specific tasks it can feel quite glaring when not needed. Instead the use of table and floor lamps will help create soft, ambient lighting when placed throughout your home.

Images from My Domain & Decor8

Floor lamps look great over a cosy occasional chair or sofa, for a slightly mid-century style similar to the one shown above check out Noods Bol Floor Lamp. Its slimline composition makes it the perfect addition when space is at a premium.

A table lamp on a side or entry hall table is both functional but also a stylish addition. For a minimalist look like the one above try The Dome Table lamp in Charcoal from Green with Envy, its on trend and has that Art Deco feel.

Additionally, for that extra bit of luxury and a touch of Danish inspiration light a collection of candles! There are some great candle accessories out there like these Hubsch Interior Crystal Candle Holders in a range of sculptural designs and colours from Wooden Horse Home.

All it takes is a few key changes and your home will have a sleek winter vibe, that sets the scene to relax, sit back and enjoy the best part of these hibernating months snuggled up watching your favorite Netflix series!

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