3...2...1...and Pause...

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Time flies when you're having fun right? Well if that's the case, we must have been having a riot over the summer months building #ourclayblockhome because we are now in the throes of Autumn and a world wide pandemic known as Covid-19...

We left off from the last blog Laying a Base Course with subsequent block after Porotherm block being laid and walls quickly being formed.

As we progressed we could see the design taking place with windows and doors becoming more obvious to a casual glance.

Propping and frame out of the doorways and windows has been completed, doorway lintels are up across the hallway; bedrooms and garage. The column and lintel reinforcing steel (HD20) has finally been delivered - but not without a few delays being that this grade and diameter of re-bar is somewhat trickier to source - so did cost us a few weeks. Now the steel-work and placement is well underway- the garage, hallway and external wall starters have been chem-set and are ready for pour.

But for now...we have had to hit the pause button: #covid19. Our government's firm but extremely important stance at putting us to Alert Level 4 to #stayathome has meant we have had to down tools. The upside is this has meant a refocus of work fronts and given us the opportunity to put our hand to the important interior details, like kitchens, bathrooms, built in joinery, lighting etc I could go on and on, this is my jam - and all from home! Once we are back in action, we have final steel and block work in the lounge area to complete, 2nd stage pours and then preparations for the roof will be well underway!

Did someone say roof party???

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