Whether you're renovating or undertaking a new-build home project - getting your electrical and lighting planning bang-on is absolutely critical to living in a home that functions well and is a joy to be in long-term (and don't forget to potential buyers in future).

I've been very fortunate to work with some amazing clients who've brought me on board to work through their standard architectural plans and assist with further development and conceptualisation of their spaces. Through my training in 2D/3D modeling software - I'm able to provide trade-ready lighting and electrical plans for all rooms of your home, customised to you and designed around your living spaces i.e. furniture placement etc. This includes spec charts for lights, exact dimensional locations, styles of plug points/switches, as well as home automation, media, home-theatre, connectivity and heating.

To Summarise:
  • Tap in to my experience and ideas for best practices, industry requirements and space functions.

  • Concise, scaled map-out of locations and positions for all lighting and fixtures including industry standard legend.

  • Complete fixture schedule/quote list as your shopping list (for you and/or your electrician).

  • Understand decorative effect of your lights i.e. cool-white Vs. warm white, correct lumens for the space etc.

  • From $450 + G.S.T, includes my direct consultation with your tradesmen as required to ensure a seamless integration in to your overall build or renovation project.

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