Home Consult

Designed for those who want to revamp their homes but wish to do so themselves while working under the guidance of a qualified designer.


Drapery & Upholstery

Often one of the hardest decisions to get right - I can help you choose the perfect fabric for drapery & upholstery in your home.


Complete Design

Planning for your home's interior makeover takes time. Leave it with me to take care of all the finer details with the complete design package.


3D Design & Layup

3D-modeled interior design removes a lot of uncertainty and provides a more visually realistic design concept to communicate ideas and specifications to trades, family and friends.


Lighting & Electrical

It can often be a daunting task knowing where, how and why to place things like light fittings, power points, wifi repeaters throughout a new build. I can help you get it right the first time.